ASTORIA Signature Treatments

The ASTORIA signature treatments were developed only for our house and combine

strengthening & revitalizing,
purifying & detoxifying or
recovering & releasing

Components for an individual treatment.

ASTORIA source of power

ASTORIA source of power - strengthening and vitalizing with the power of gemstones

The famous Tiroler Steinöl is extracted from oil shale in the Karwendel mountains. For decades, the fossil oil has been used sucessfully to loosen tight muscles. Shale oil neutralizes acid in the muscles and relieves joint pains.

The treatment is followed by a full body massage which strengthens the muscles and relieves tension. Relax with a facial massage featuring precious gemstone oil and gemstones and gain new energie.

Minutes: 90
Price: € 189,--

ASTORIA herbal garden

ASTORIA herb garden - detoxify and purify with the help of Tyrolean herbs

Immerse yourself in the scent of fresh alpine meadows and take advantage of the natural powers of plants to cleanse, detoxify and shape your body from the inside out. We will e happy to put together an individual herbal mixture for a full body peeling according to your needs.

Your body will be stimulated to detoxify and purify with the use of hot herbal pouches. Meanwhile, we will pamper your face with a cell-regeneration mask. The treatment is rounded off with a massage of the reflex zones of liver, gall bladder, kidneys and intestines to support the detoxification process.

Minutes: 90
Price: € 189,--

ASTORIA silence of the forest

ASTORIA silence of the forest - relax and swith off by the silence and scent of the forest

The forest is considered a place of silence and recreation. The terpenes released in the forest have a strengthening effect on the immune system and help to reduce stress.

With a deep cleansing and moisturizing body peeling made of rock salt, mountain honey and Swiss pine we take you into the depths of the healing forest. Afterwards, experience the relaxing and curative effect ot the tree oils during a full body massage.

During the finishing head massage, feelings of tensions and pressure are released and you can "let go and free yourself".

Minutes: 90
Price: € 189,--

ASTORIA spa inspirit

Combining classic and energetix techniques, this massage has a deeply relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system and is a recommended preventive therapy for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and burnout. 

Minutes: 110
Price: € 189,--

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