Snowshoe hiking & winter hiking in Seefeld

Enjoy the wintry countryside

Do you want to experience the tranquil, gentle side of winter? It doesn't always have to be a ski resort or cross-country skiing trail. In Seefeld there are roughly 150 km of cleared winter hiking paths that are regularly cleared and gritted. Look forward to the tranquillity and strength that you can draw from this white winter wonderland.

Winter hiking on Seefeld's romantic high plateau

With almost 150 km of cleared and gritted winter hiking trails a true winter wonderland awaits you around Seefeld. Enjoy the quiet and beautiful side of the stunning nature: just a few minutes after you've left Seefeld behind you, you are surrounded by a silent and white landscape that seems to swallow up any sound.

Snowshoe hiking

How about going a little bit deeper into nature? You might be interested in snowshoe hiking then. With these modern shoes you only sink in a little bit and can reach totally new places over previously impassable snowy fields. And there is a great deal of these untouched natural beauties on Seefeld's high plateau. Climbs are also possible to a certain degree. As a result, there is nothing standing in the way of you finding your own little favourite spot.

By the way: you can hire snowshoes in Seefeld. The best thing about this sport though is: it is really easy to learn and burns up quite a few calories.

Anyone who returns home in the evening can look forward to the wellness complex and an excellent dinner from the award-winning kitchen. Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry for the winter months and enjoy your holiday at the Astoria Resort. We look forward to being able to welcome you soon.

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