Celebrities at the Astoria Resort

State Opera Singer Alexandra Reinprecht & Horst Hubmann

Alexandra Reinprecht & Horst Hubmann
Alexandra Reinprecht & Horst Hubmann

Professor Michael Prachensky

Michael Prachensky
Michael Prachensky

Tita Andras und Pietro Gussalli Beretta

Tita Andras und Pietro Gussalli Beretta
Tita Andras, Pietro Gussalli Beretta und Elisabeth Gürtler

Family Horowitz and Marecek

Horowitz and Marecek
Elisabeth Gürtler, Michael Horowitz, his wife Angelika, Heinz and Christine Marecek
Horowitz and Marecek
Angelika Horowitz and Heinz Marecek

Otto Schenk as a guest at the Astoria hotel

Otto Schenk
Stand-up comedian Otto Schenk

Cornelius Obonya & Carolin Pienkos

Cornelius Obonya und seine Frau Carolin Pienkos suchen Entspannung nach der anstrengen "Jedermann" Festspielzeit.

Barbara Wussow

Barbara Wussow
Barbara Wussow

Albert Fortell

Albert Fortell
Albert Fortell

Eric Frenzel is crowned triple winner in Seefeld for the second time

Eric Frenzel
Winners' presentation ceremony in Seefeld

On behalf of the Astoria's host Elisabeth Gürtler and the entire Astoria team, we would like to once again

sincerely congratulate Mr Frenzel on this magnificent success and are delighted to present him with an Astoria VIP voucher!

Thore Schölermann as a guest at the 5-star Astoria hotel

Thore Schölermann
Thore Schölermann

Fireside evening at the Astoria

Famous celebrities at the Astoria hotel
The fireside evening at the Astoria

Elisabeth Gürtler and international artists invited guests to a very special kind of fireside evening on 28 February 2015...

The celebrated and popular actress Sunnyi Melles, famous on both major German-speaking stages and from films and TV programmes read from the book "Das letzte Fest des alten Europa – Anna Sacher und ihr Haus" by Monika Czernin, which was released in December. It paints a portrait of Vienna and its elite from the construction of the Ringstraße in 1815 to the period between the wars.

During this time, the Sacher hotel was a meeting place for nobility but also ambitious Jewish wholesalers, factory owners, bankers etc. Afterwards, the chamber singer Ildiko Raimondi, who has appeared at many opera houses, gave her best with songs from this period. The famous painter Professor Christian Ludwig Attersee was also among the listeners!

Music, stories and gourmet treats from Vienna

"Once again there was a very special evening at the Astoria Relax & Spa Resort in Seefeld: host Elisabeth Gürtler invited guests for "Music, stories and gourmet treats from Vienna".

Gala event at the Astoria hotel
The Viennese evening

Following a Viennese menu including Kaiserschmarrn, Milchrahmstrudel, Bohemian pancakes and original Sacher gateau with cream, the hotel's guests and friends enjoyed original Viennese entertainment in the packed Green Salon until midnight: lounge music by the Sacher Trio, stories by Professor Georg Markus, who read humorous stories from his best-seller "Die Enkel der Tante Jolesch" and Viennese songs from Millöcker, Föderl and Strauss, sung by the State Opera singer Alexandra Reinprecht and her husband, the baritone Horst Hubmann.

They received frenetic applause for this from, among others, their chamber singer colleague Ildiko Raimondi, the Innsbruck star architect Professor Achammer with wife Barbara and daughter, Dr. Kurt Bruni, trauma surgeon Prof. Gerald Wotzasek and of course the host.

The themed evenings at the Astoria have in the meantime established themselves as a cultural attraction. The next evening is planned for October."

Crystal Magic

Crystal Magic 2016 and VIP-Welcome Party at the Astoria

Heather Mills, Elisabeth Gürtler, Gregor Glanz
Elisabeth Gürtler & Gregor Glanz

For the sixth time Entertainer Gregor Glanz hosted the Seefeld Crystal Magic. To condignly start that glittering festival, Astoria host Elisabeth Gürtler invited to her glamorous VIP-Welcome Party at the wonderful and luxurious Astoria.

Crystal Magic 2015 and VIP-Welcome Party at the Astoria

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