Sauna Infusions of a Special Kind with Marcela

Have a very special sauna experience with our certified sauna master Marcela. A few years ago she turned her passion into her profession. Her concept is called “professional sauna” and follows a certain procedure to achieve a pleasant and long-lasting feeling of relaxation.

Marcela herself created special products with different effects to accompany the sauna sessions, which can be used in the sauna, steam bath and shower.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Marcela offers you the opportunity to participate in this exclusive sauna experience.




The Basic Principle

One sauna block with three or four different applications

  • first round steam bath treatment
  • then to the infusion
  • and to the steam bath treatment or low temperature chamber.

One can imagine the treatment as a food ritual (starter, main course, dessert).

Marcela adapts the treatment individually to each of the guests. By selecting special products for the respective needs, the effect of the treatment can be optimised.

The Ritual

Sauna Care Programm with Marcela

The program with Marcela starts at 04:00 pm. You can take part in an entire session including various treatments, saunas and rest periods (from 04:00 pm). This session ends around 06:00 pm. Otherwise you can get in and out at any time and take part in individual sauna sessions.

Marcela will take care of your individual needs and wishes and will choose the products that are most suitable for you.

04:00 pm
Start with salt peeling in steam bath (approx. 8 – 10 min), e.g. with alpine mountain salt

05:00 pm
Kneipp infusion at Spa Chalet, panorama sauna with Menthol-Arnika lotion (approx. 15 min, 2 infusion rounds á approx. 7 min.), then leave sauna and go out into the fresh air. Then rub the body with lotion, let it soak in and then take a cold shower. Afterwards return to the sauna for an infusion round (approx. 5 min.).

06:00 pm
Classic infusion (approx. 10 min.), a total of 3 infusion rounds with mountain pine gel

07:00 pm
Steam bath with shea butter and argan oil (approx. 8 min.). This should be the last sauna session to provide the skin with optimal moisture and care.

Alpine mountain salt: cleanses the skin and stimulates blood circulation, with mint-, arnica- and lavender-oil.
Mountain pine gel: invigorates and vitalizes the skin and creates a refreshing skin feeling, with spruce-needle-oil, menthol-oil and eucalyptus-oil.
Shea butter with argan-oil: provides the skin with moisture and vitamin E, for a velvety skin feeling.
Menthol-oil and arnica-oil lotion: perfectly suitable after physical exertion, provides lasting muscle relaxation
Alpine gel: the gel is a soothing and cooling refreshment for the joints and helps with fatigue and overload, with menthol-, arnica-, camphor- and lemon-oil.
Alpine herbal balm: cooling balm, the combination of herbs and jojoba-oil gives a long-lasting relaxed skin feeling.

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