Baths & Softpack treatments

Relax in the whirlpool or enjoy our Softpack treatments

When did you last treat yourself to some relaxing wellness time? The baths and Softpack treatments at the 5-star Astoria hotel provide you with precisely this opportunity.

Softpack body treatment
Beneficial Softpack body treatment - © Valua Vitaly -

Caribbean dream bath

Dive into the realm of the senses and be pampered! Moisturises skin with a fragrant experience
(Includes fruit cocktail or glass of Prosecco)

1 person € 38
2 people € 52

Sea salt bath

Either with cooling or warming herbal oil. Detoxifies and stimulates the metabolism, ideal for blemished skin (acne).

1 person € 38, 2 people € 52

Evening primrose oil wrap in our Softpack lounger

Counteracts the skin's ageing process, activates cells, is invigorating and moisturising. Highly recommended for dry skin, neurodermatitis, allergies, irritated skin or skin prone to inflammation.

45 minutes € 58

Send a non-binding enquiry and test it out for yourself: the baths and Softpack treatments ensure you leave the wellness complex feeling relaxed and happy.



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