Body treatments at the Relax & Spa Hotel in Seefeld

Pure rest and relaxation

Treat yourself to some time out and enjoy our beneficial body treatments. For example:

!QMS body "Effect" treatment

Body treatment
A relaxing body treatment - © pressmaster -

Turns loose tissue into firm tissue. Quick, effective and simple! This treatment has a triple effect: it is detoxifying, stimulating and firming. The detoxification and purifying processes noticeably work at full blast. The result is firmer connective tissue and a more toned figure. You simply feel better and more attractive.

60 minutes € 94

Wonderbra bust treatment

The bust firming programme using !QMS with instant effect. Special massage techniques and firming algae wrap ensure visible success.

60 minutes € 98

A Dream of Chocolate

A revitalising duo of desserts: deep cleansing peel with rich body wrap

approx. 80 minutes € 135


Body peeling massage using coconut oil, fresh papaya and special mineralised marine sand complex. Ideal as preparation for the ST BARTH Harmony or ST BARTH Sensation treatment.

30 minutes € 49


Body wrap using mud clay and pineapple or cucumber mousse. The result is a visibly finer and firmer skin texture.

30 minutes € 49

Refreshing water
Relaxation at the Astoria Relax & Spa Hotel - © Valua Vitaly -


Relaxing, gentle body massage using intensive skin care products (warmed up coconut oil, avocado oil, menthol oil and ivy oil to strengthen tissue and skin individually made to suit your needs plus final moisturising treatment).

50 minutes € 79


Luxury body wrap with beneficial relaxing massage: a creamy, silky wrap is gently spread over your body. Once the moisturising body wrap has intensively supplied your skin with nutrients, you relax during a wonderfully fragrant massage.

50 minutes € 79

Body Firming Package

Do your body a power of good – pampering time for you!
The package includes:

  • 2 x !QMS body "Effect" treatments
  • 1 x Power Plate
  • 1 x alkaline bath

€ 258 with stays of 3 days or more

Slimming wrap - cellulite wrap

Tackle your problem zones and lose inches where you need to, e.g. on your thighs, stomach, bottom.

Tissue is also firmed, skin is smoother and softer

  • 3 day treatment € 168
  • 5 day treatment € 279
  • 1 x introductory wrap 50 minutes € 58

You can also book your room or suite at the Astoria Resort directly online or send us a non-binding enquiry. We will be happy to advise you to, just call us on +43 (0) 5212 2272-0.



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