Classic massage treatments at the Astoria Spa

Treat yourself to some time out and succumb totally to a beneficial massage - you will feel relaxed and rested in no time at all.

Massage room
Massage room at the Astoria hotel - © Anton Klocker

Full or half body massage

With special massage techniques such as stroking (effleurage), kneading (petrissage), rubbing (friction), rolling and shaking.

Full body massage 50 Min. € 95,00
Half body massage 25 Min. € 50,00

Foot Reflexology massage

A person's organs and musculoskeletal system can be affected by using a special massage technique on the feet. The therapist establishes where the problem zones are and targets their massage movements there.

50 Min. € 95,00

Dorn Breuss Therapy

Any acute and chronic pain caused by blockages in the spine can be treated. At the end, a targeted and stretching technique is used with St. John's wort oil along the spine.

50 Min. € 105,00

Lymph drainage

A draining massage: is used to treat oedema (water retention), e.g. after injuries, with swollen legs or arms and hands.

50 Min. € 95,00

Beneficial massage room at the Astoria hotel - © Anton Klocker


Literally translated Shiatsu means "finger pressure" and it originates from traditional Chinese and Japanese health teachings. Shiatsu is sensitive, mindful and very effective work on the body, which activates our natural self-healing powers and releases blockages in the body's own energy flow. It is done on a floor mat while you are wearing comfortable clothing.

50 Min. € 95,00

LaStone Therapy

A harmonious, balancing, soothing massage technique, which is done using hot basalt stones and cold marble stones. The hot and cold treatment loosens up muscles, gets the blood circulating in the skin and reduces stress. (full body treatment)

LaStone Therapy 80 Min. € 145,00
LaStone Reflexology 50 Min. € 89,00

Balance Alpine 1000+ "Summit of Relaxation"

The elemental force of alpine healing herbs – a gift of nature. Base massage oils are coordinated with spagyric essential oils to suit the guest. The massage done using these affects each guest individually.

80 Min. € 139,00

Singing bowl massage

A feeling of wellbeing, peace and deep relaxation quickly sets in with the pleasant high-pitched bowl's singing. This state can in fact even last for days! The client can let go of all their stress, everything seems easier and it can enhance both creativity and self-awareness. Blockages in the body and mind can be gently released thus activating the self-healing powers.

50 Min. € 95,00

Astoria Spa Inspirit

Classic and energy technique are combined in this massage. It has a really deeply relaxing effect on the vegetative nervous system. It is highly recommended and preventative with ADS (attention deficit syndrome), hyperactivity and burnout.

110 Min. € 189,00

Astoria Cross Country Special

Our special sports massage is an absolute treat after a cross-country skiing tour or hike. Relax with a warm herbal cushion in the shoulder and neck area while you have your thighs, calves and feet massaged using camphor oil, which stimulates circulation. Special massage techniques also relieve muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area.

50 Min. € 105,00

The classics are still the most popular treatments- Treat yourself to beneficial massages and send us a non-binding holiday enquiry or book now online and enjoy your time at the Astoria Resort.



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