... and exceptional (anti-ageing) skin care system

Dr. med. Erich Schulte: With this we can change, improve your skin condition and remove skin problems caused by ageing in a very short time. We assume that one main reason for skin ageing is that skin loses its vitality and ability to store moisture as it ages. !QMS stops this development!

Facials using !QMS at the Astoria Relax & Spa Hotel

Back treatment
A relaxing body treatment using !QMS- © Subbotina Anna

Relax o Firm

A cleansing, metabolism activating relaxing treatment for any time or as an introduction to the range. The Relax o Firm treatment mildly but thoroughly removes dead skin cells. It cleanses skin and improves the metabolism. The new I.T.E.M mask at the end soothes, regenerates and moisturises skin intensively.

60 minutes € 92


Improves the skin's ability to retain moisture. Ideal with dry, dehydrated and stressed skin! With this sensational beauty treatment you could say you slip into your new skin. It stimulates cell regeneration and natural, high-percentage collagens are absorbed deep down to the skin's bottom layers. As a result skin can retain more moisture and gains suppleness, vitality and firmness. You look years younger and fresher. The success of this exclusive treatment is instantly visible!

90 minutes € 138

Neo Tissudermie

The unique beauty treatment to improve the skin's tissue structure. This absolute highlight to the !QMS treatments is a real luxury lifting treatment. It supplies your skin with energy and strength from the inside and stabilises its function.

90 minutes € 148

!QMS "Champagne facial"

Experience a special beauty treat for a radiant complexion with this luxury treatment.

50 minutes € 85

Body treatments using !QMS at the spa in Seefeld

Body "Effect" treatment

Turns loose tissue into firm tissue. Quick, effective and simple! This treatment has a triple effect: it is detoxifying, stimulating and firming. The detoxification and purifying processes noticeably works at full blast. The result is firmer connective tissue and a more toned figure. You simply feel better and more attractive.

60 minutes € 94

Wonderbra bust treatment

The bust firming programme using !QMS with instant effect. Special massage techniques and firming algae wrap ensure visible success.

60 minutes € 98

Make your appointment at reception or tell us what you would like when you send your non-binding holiday enquiry. Look forward to a relaxing and indulgent holiday at the Astoria Relax & Spa Hotel.



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