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Luxury Chocolate Treatments

Chocolate doesn't only make you happy but beautiful too. The cocoa bean is rich in proteins, antioxidants and minerals. Which is why chocolate is a real treat for the skin. It makes it soft and silky, it moisturises it and prevents premature skin ageing.

Relaxing wellness treatment
A Dream of Chocolate treatment at the Astoria hotel - © Syda Productions - Fotolia.com

The Astoria Relax & Spa Hotel has a close partnership with the Sacher hotels in Vienna and Salzburg. In addition we also offer you the original Sacher treatments, which impress with the high-quality cocoa bean ingredients.

And the best thing is: you enjoy the chocolate without even having to think once about the calories or gaining weight.

A Dream of Chocolate

A revitalising duo of desserts: deep cleansing peel with rich body wrap

approx. 80 minutes € 135

Try this and many other exclusive treatments at the 5-star Astoria Relax & Spa Hotel out for yourself and see what you think. We will be happy to receive your non-binding holiday enquiry or book your wellness holiday online now.



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